Ernie ‘Serv One’ Rojas

Ernie Serv One Rojas

Ernesto Rojas
“Serv one”

I am originally from El Paso Texas and moved to Arizona 16 years ago when I made the decision to focus on my real passion- that being art. Through my career I have spent time overseas and traveled to Japan to study under an incredible tattoo artist, from there I found a true love for tattooing traditional asian art.

As the creative and spiritual person I am, I have also studied and mastered the skill of doing coverup tattoo’s. A lot of people loose their confidence with an unwanted tattoo and tend to just except that it is something they will be stuck with forever. I find so much joy in helping people cover up these types of tattoos and get the fresh start they have been wanting! I truly want to help everyone feel 100% in their skin again and that being said I am yet to find a tattoo I am unable to coverup successfully.

My philosophy and what sets me apart from other artists is to always remain a student. I look at things through a child’s eye and am always wanting to learn more. Whether sketching, drawing, tattooing, painting — I always want to better understand, analyze, study, and dissect styles of art.

I take pride in my studio and also being the artist I am, I look forward to helping you anyway that I can.