Ernie ‘SerV One’ Rojas

I want people to be informed about the process of creating. Creating art is the way I am best able to express, evoke, and communicate emotions. My outlets are creating art both at Top Rocker Tattoo Studio and through aerosol and mixed media graffiti-inspired fine art. I help people heal from life experiences, stains, and pains. I specialize in cover-up and fix-up tattoos.

My philosophy and what sets me apart from other artists is to always remain a student. I look at things through a child’s eye and am always wanting to learn more. Whether sketching, drawing, tattooing, painting — I always want to better understand, analyze, study, and dissect styles of art.

Originally from El Paso, Texas. Ernie ‘’SerV One’’ Rojas has been tattooing for over 15 years and has won multiple “Best Of” awards for his work. He genuinely cares for his clients. When they walk through the door they are his number one priority. His favorite style of tattooing is Traditional Asian Art. From custom canvases to entire murals, he does it all.